Air Adam Photography Presents… Manchester Marauders Exhibition


It’s been a couple of years in the works, and my boy, Air Adam has put in one hell of a shift in bringing this project to fruition. Manchester Marauders is a celebration of Manchester hip hop, through the lens of the scene’s most renowned photographer. Adam managed to gather together forty-nine members of the Manchester hip hop community and capture their images in order to create a piece paying homage to A Tribe Called Quest’s classic album Midnight Marauders.

The work will be unveiled at the opening night of the exhibit at Manchester’s 2022nq gallery, where 12″ x 12″ prints will be available to purchase. There will also be DJs on the night, including – we are honoured to say – NouGold’s DJ A-UP, Lee Majors (More Bounce) and more. Furthermore, there will by a cypher on the night, which will consist of the Marauder MCs, themselves.

(Manchester Marauders teaser by Gez Miley)

As well as the option to purchase a print, Adam has screen printed a very limited run of Manchester Marauder tees. If you would like to purchase one, contact Adam through his Facebook page.


A pat on the back and a round of applause for Air Adam for not only creating this event but for being  an essential pillar of the Manchester hip hop community.

Facebook event: Manchester Marauders exhibition


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